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We have completed jobs from Maine to New York and yes, we travel. We'll bring our tools and our crew to your location, wherever you are. We offer free consultations on any job. Simply click on any photo to go to the portfolio page.

Outdoor Living is wonderful with an outdoor kitchenOutdoor living

Cantone & Sons understands your outdoor living is an extension your home. We can create hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, sitting walls, firepits and other accessories that will create the outdoor living space you have always wanted.

Make it nicer with an outdoor kitchen, poolscape and a surround that will let you truly enjoy the great outdoors on your own property.

We can design and create an optimal setting for any outdoor living space.

Brick chimney exteriorChimneys and fireplaces

Cantone & Sons builds and structures chimneys, chimney caps and cleanouts.

Whether you need to repair and re-flash an old, compromised chimney or completely rebuild it, Call Cantone & Sons. If it's just the cap that needs to be replaced to keep birds and pests out of your chimney, we can do the job.

We can also refresh the look of a chimney, or replace compromised brick or stonework that restores the look to its new condition and matches what you currently have, perfectly.

Chimneys, if neglected, can deteriorate over time. We can repoint as well as replace compromised chimneys to make them safe and useful again for your home or for any structure. If your chimney is over 20 years old, have Cantone & Sons ensure your safety with a free inspection.

A pillar creates an interesting entrywayFreestanding Walls & Columns

"Something there is that doesn't love a wall,
That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,
And spills the upper boulders in the sun,
And makes gaps even two can pass abreast…"

- Robert Frost

Cantone & Sons understands that the elements will strive to take down structures and works accordingly to ensure that every wall and structure we build is built to last. We build to beautify as well, adding interest to everything we touch.

This home with a brick facade offers beauty and interestBrick Facades

Brick provides for a low-maintenance exterior for buildings and structures, as well as a great coloration that can provide accents to buildings. When you choose brick for your facade, you choose a material that will last and retain its beauty for many years.

Let Cantone & Sons construct your facade and give you a memorable look that will last and beautify your building for a lifetime.


A beautiful long-lasting cultured stone facade on this home makes the entryway beautifulCultured Stone Facades

Cultured Stone is a veneer that is very easy and quick to add to your building or place on new construction that adds the look of natural stone without a lot of the costs. This low-care exterior offers an alternative to natural stonework in that it is beautiful but affordable.

Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors can add the beauty of Cultured Stone to any exterior at a cost that may surprise you. Call today and we'll give you an estimate.


This home with a natural stone facade makes a statementNatural Stone Facades

Nothing beats the look and feel, as well as the durability of natural stone. A natural stone facade offers a strong statement, improves the overall look of a home or commercial building and is tougher than brick. While natural stone may also need to be pointed periodically, there is nothing stronger and nothing will last longer.

Natural stone is also harder to apply correctly, but you can trust Cantone & Sons to get it right the first time with natural stone on your home or structure.

Choose from a variety of looks for your custom fireplace with Cantone and Sons Mason ContractorsFireplaces

Nothing warms a home setting like a fireplace. Cantone & Sons can custom-build stone, brick and veneer fireplaces that will beautify and add interest to your home as well as give you that wonderful warm feeling that a working fireplace offers during the winter.

We can also update the look of your fireplace, install proper cleanouts and assure your safety by correcting any issues you may have with your fireplace.

Warm up your home with a custom fireplace that matches your style and taste. Choose from a very wide variety of materials, from brick to brick veneers to stonework, stone veneers and other materials that will make your fireplace the centerpiece in your living space for years to come.

Our custom work can add new warmth to any interior.

The Goodspeed Opera House, restored by Cantone & Sons Masonry ContractorsHistoric Restoration & Preservation

Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors specializes in restoring, to like new condition, masonry, stonework and brickwork. We take great care to create identical materials that will blend in to existing work, preserving the look of the original piece. We also use the latest materials to preserve old masonry as we repoint the old to make it last longer than the original materials permitted.

Cantone & Sons Masonry Contractors is very pleased to have been involved in the complete restoration and preservation of the Goodspeed Opera House, repointing and reparing the masonry on this classic building, built originally in 1876.

Patio built as a part of the Goodspeed Opera House restorationPatios and Hardscapes

Outdoor living is just not possible without a patio and Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors builds hardscapes that are designed to last. We use the latest techniques and materials to prevent your hardscape from becoming infested with weeds as well as being penetrated by insects.

We also create a proper base for your hardscape so that it will not heave or buckle from frost or from the wintertime freeze-thaw cycle. We only choose natural stone, pavers and bricks that have color throughout, so your hardscape retains its beauty for a lifetime.

This retaining wall is properly structured so that it will hold back the earth behind it for years to comeRetaining Walls

Landscapes create variety and sometimes the variety in land creates a problem. One of the solutions to problems in landscaping is to build retaining walls to hold back earth, prevent erosion, provide proper drainage and to create more level ground.

Retaining walls must be engineered structures that are capable of holding back weight, are properly set in footings and will not shift, crumble or crack as they do their job. Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors will build proper retaining walls that will do the job they are intended to do and last!

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