Chimney Portfolio

We build chimneys to any height, size and configuration, adding value to any home as well as providing a means for exhaust gasses to escape your space safely. Our construction goes beyond code with materials that resist the elements and hold together longer. We can also repair or replace any chimney so that it exceeds code requirements and is safe again.

  • Chimney-exterior
    Exterior of three-story chimney
  • DSC00263
    Large chimney on home
  • DSC00264
    Home with large chimney
  • Beautiful old-look chimney
    Beautiful old-look chimney capped
  • Dunkin Donuts 001
    This Dunkin' Donuts store stands out because of the chimney
  • Dunkin Donuts 005
    Sometimes the best advertising can be a building feature like this chiimney
  • Final Chimney
    Final chimney on new construction
  • Rhode Island Chimney
    Chimney in home from the ground up.
  • Brenton Rd
  • Kistler-knapp designed home with Cantone-built chimney and wall
    This chimney and wall add so much to this beautiful home.
  • Kistler-knapp- chimney
    The Designer specified a natural stone for this chimney. Cantone & Sons Mason Contractors made it happen.
  • Kistler-knapp- Cantone Chimney
    This Chimney's natural stone beauty is a natural for this home in Newport, RI
  • Kistler-knapp- Cantone Stone Chimney
    The stone chimney creates a blend between the beautiful natural setting and this home.